kiscsiadm - a GUI for iscsi/open-iscsi

kiscsiadm - a GUI for iscsi/open-iscsi

kiscsiadm is an intuitive user-interface for ISCSI fitting into the KDE-Desktop environment. It allows target-discovery, login/logout and gives quick access to the connected ISCSI-disks.
The profile-based configuration management makes it comfortable to access several ISCSI-server.

kiscsiadm is the system-administrator's "swiss knife" when it comes to ISCSI. It is a GUI for common ISCSI-actions which are executed by just a few mouse-clicks.

The target-server connections are handled in profiles, which allows to quick switch between multiple, different configurations.

Connected ISCSI-devices (luns), listed by a small device-manager, can be mounted/umounted and accessed in a fast way. The disk-content is displayed via a common file-manager.

kiscsiadm is developed in Qt/c++ (using KDevelop), designed to work with open-iscsi and to fit into the KDE-Desktop environment. It aims to give a user-friendly and powerful graphical-interface to the ISCSI-initiator.

The goal of the project is to popularise ISCSI to more users/end-users.

Features :
- Discover an Iscsi-target by ip + port number
- Connect/Disconnect available target(s) by double-click
- Profile-based organization of the iscsi-target configurations
   (new/open/save/save-as/default profile management)
- Displays connection status in a graphical way
- Device-Manager to quickly access the connected iscsi

- open-iscsi
- QT library
    (kiscsiadm is developed using qt version 3.3.4)


All code and applicatons here are without guarantee.
Use the kiscsiadm at your own risk and feel free to contribute
your own ideas. The Author of this software is not responsible
for any mistakes and their consequences while using this software
on any system.

Comments, questions, feature-requests, bug-reports, fixes and patches are welcome.
Matt Rechenburg

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